The Sonic Batarang is a gadget employed by Batman. Once deployed, it will give off a high-pitched alarm that will interfere with nearby enemies wearing heartbeat monitors, causing them to investigate. This is useful for distracting enemies or luring them into traps. However, it has no effect on enemies who are not equipped with heartbeat monitors.

The Sonic Batarang was later upgraded to include a high-power electrical charge that can be detonated once deployed. This is referred to as a Sonic Shock Batarang. This will overload the heartbeat monitor of a nearby henchman, incapacitating them. However, the residual interference will stop any further Sonic Batarangs from being effective in this location. The Sonic Shock Batarang will not effect those who are not equipped with heartbeat monitors.


  • When Batman brandishes the Sonic Batarang in Arkham Origins, it does not fold out in to shape as it did in the previous games, as it is folded out already. Its signature beep upon being readied does not play either. Additionally, the light glows blue, rather than red as in the previous games.
  • The Sonic Batarang is notable for appearing in all Arkham games so far without fundamentally changing in any way. All other gadgets that have appeared in successive games have been altered or have expanded uses.