This article is about Tim Drake, the third Robin. You may be looking for another Robin.

Personal information
Real nameTimothy Jackson "Tim" Drake
Based inGotham City
Physical description
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlack
Height5 ft 10 in
Weight170 lbs
Real-world information
AppearancesArkham Asylum (indirect mention only)
Arkham City
Arkham Knight
Voice actorTroy Baker (Arkham City)
Matthew Mercer (Arkham Knight)

Robin is Batman's current partner in crime-fighting and his fourth known apprentice. Operating at Batman's side in Gotham City, Robin's expert fighting skills are matched by an incredible mind, with detective skills rivaling Batman's own.

Tim Drake was in the audience at the circus during the night the Flying Graysons were killed, and he witnessed Batman spring into action. Inspired by this act of heroism, Tim closely followed the activities of Batman and Robin.

Tim was able to eventually deduce the Dynamic Duo's secret identities as Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson using his self-taught detective skills. Following Dick's departure as Robin and Jason Todd's apparent murder, Tim successfully convinced Bruce and Dick – who had taken on the mantle of Nightwing by this point – that a third Robin was needed in the never-ending war against crime.

Tested by Batman himself under a grueling training regimen, Tim earned the right to become the new Robin, and has since lived up to the name.


  • Robin shares his walking, running, evade, and idle animations with Batman.