Personal information
Real nameBarbara Gordon
OccupationInformation broker
Based inGotham City
Physical description
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorRed
Height5 ft 11 in
Weight126 lbs
Real-world information
AppearancesArkham Asylum (voice only)
Arkham City (voice only)
Arkham Origins (as Barbara)
Arkham Knight
Voice actorKimberly Brooks
Ashley Greene (Arkham Knight)

Oracle is Batman's personal information gatherer and informant, keeping him up-to-date with important information and feeding him data while he is in the field.

The daughter of Commissioner James Gordon, Barbara Gordon was forbidden by her father from joining the Gotham City Police Department.

Instead, she took on the identity of Batgirl, and fought crime alongside Batman for several years. However, her tenure met an abrupt and tragic end when the Joker shot her in the spine in a random attack, paralyzing her from the waist down and confining her to a wheelchair.

However, even this severe injury did not stop her from helping Batman. She adopted the new identity of Oracle and now aids Batman with her remarkable computer expertise, providing him with a constant stream of information in order to help in his crusade against crime.