BAA-Line launcher

Batman's Line Launcher

The Line Launcher is a gadget employed by Batman and Nightwing. It is used to rapidly move horizontally across areas.[1] While riding the Line Launcher, the user can aim in a new direction and fire again to change direction without dropping to the ground. Offensively, this gadget can also be used to take down unaware enemies by moving above them and performing a takedown, dropping down and taking them out in one move. This move, while powerful, is not silent and will alert nearby enemies.[2]


  • In a demo of Batman: Arkham City, Batman was shown to have the Line Launcher immediately after he suits up. However, this is not the case in-game, as Batman only receives the Line Launcher from Robin after he places a tracker on one of Rā's al Ghūl's assassins.
  • An incomplete Line Launcher can be found on Batman's workbench inside the Batcave in Arkham Origins.