Harley Quinn
Personal information
Real nameHarleen Frances Quinzel
OccupationProfessional criminal
Based inGotham City
Physical description
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBlonde
Height5 ft 7 in
Weight140 lbs
Real-world information
AppearancesArkham Asylum
Arkham City
Arkham Origins (as Harleen)
Arkham Knight
Voice actorArleen Sorkin (Arkham Asylum)
Tara Strong

Harley Quinn is a deranged supervillain suffering from hybristophilia.

Formerly an Arkham Asylum psychologist assigned to treat the Joker, Harleen Quinzel grew fixated on her patient instead, and believed that she was in love with him.

She helped him escape and took on her own criminal alter ego as Harley Quinn, a nickname she had throughout her life that the Joker was fond of. Quinn is almost just as violent and predictable as Joker himself, and her only goal is to earn his approval.

Because of his cruel and abusive nature, she is in some ways just another one of his victims. However, she is still incredibly dangerous.