BAA-Shark bio
Great White Shark
Personal information
Real nameWarren White
OccupationProfessional criminal
Based inGotham City
Physical description
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorNone
Height5 ft 11 in
Weight180 lbs
Real-world information
AppearancesArkham Asylum (referenced only)
Arkham City (referenced only)

The Great White Shark is a criminal racketeer operating out of Arkham Asylum. When crooked financier Warren White was put on trial for stealing millions of dollars, he pleaded insanity in order to be taken to Arkham Asylum instead of another prison. However, within Arkham's walls, he immediately regretted his choice. He was driven insane by the other inmates, and an encounter with Mister Freeze left him without hair, a nose, ears, or lips. Renaming himself the Great White Shark, he filed his teeth into fangs to more resemble his namesake. He then put his financial skills to use and became a major player in Gotham City's crime scene, running several rackets from the confines of his cell.