BAA-Explosive gel

Batman retrieving the Explosive Gel from the Batmobile

Explosive Gel is a gadget employed by Batman and Robin. It is a liquid explosive useful to temporarily incapacitate targets, or explode through structural weaknesses.[1] Up to three charges can be placed at any given time, and these can be detonated simultaneously or independently, depending on the user's desire. It also features a built-in proximity detector, alerting the user whenever an enemy is within range. Both Batman and Robin learned to seamlessly include this gadget in combat, allowing them to knock down multiple opponents while maintaining their combo streaks.[2][3]


  • Three cans of whipped cream were used to create the sound effects of spraying the Explosive Gel.[4]
  • Batman generally sprays his gel in the shape of a bat, while Robin sprays his in the shape of an R.
  • In Batman: Arkham Asylum, black marks will be left on surfaces once Explosive Gel is detonated, but this is not the case for Arkham City or Arkham Origins.
  • The sound effect of spraying Explosive Gel on floors and ceilings was altered for Arkham City, while the sound for spraying it on walls remained the same.
    • The sound effect for detonating Explosive Gel was also changed.
  • In Arkham Asylum and Arkham Origins, Explosive Gel can be upgraded to automatically detonate when an enemy is within range. However, this is not present in Arkham City.
    • In Arkham Asylum, this function only works when sprayed on ordinary floors and when a thug walks over it. In Arkham Origins, it will also automatically detonate through structurally weak walls, regardless of what side the thug happens to be on. This is problematic, as it can interfere with players' plans and potentially remove takedown opportunities.
      • It will also detonate before it is even sprayed properly, without actually blowing the wall open, making the gadget useless.
  • The Gel Launcher that appears in Arkham Origins Blackgate is incredibly similar to a device that Batman uses in The Dark Knight, in both appearance and functionality.