The Catwoman story pack is a downloadable content addition for Batman: Arkham City. Woven throughout the events of Arkham City, the pack follows the perspective of Catwoman as she attempts to raid Hugo Strange's vault and leave Arkham City.


Part 1Edit

Shortly before Bruce Wayne is arrested and thrown into Arkham City, Catwoman breaks into a house guarded by Two-Face's thugs. After neutralizing the goons, Catwoman opens a safe and retrieves a computer chip. Proud of her achievement, she is caught off guard when Two-Face holds a gun to her head.

Part 2Edit

Having been saved by Batman, who is currently tied up by Joker, Catwoman plots how to get into Strange's vault. After retrieving extra gear from her apartment, Catwoman tracks down Poison Ivy's lair. After disposing of Ivy's mind-controlled henchmen, Catwoman pleads on making a deal, but is wrapped up in one of Ivy's vines.

Part 3Edit

After coming to an agreement with Catwoman, Poison Ivy uses her vines to smash open a hole in the wall leading to Strange's vault. Catwoman approaches the vault and steals TYGER key cards to open the vault door. She then eliminates the TYGER guards watching over the door and enters the vault. After overcoming a TYGER ambush, Catwoman picks up two briefcases full of loot and heads for the exit. Seeing Batman in distress, Catwoman is given the choice to leave Arkham City or drop the loot and save Batman.

Part 4Edit

After Batman carries Joker's body out of the Monarch Theatre, Catwoman heads back to her apartment to grab her belongings and leave the city. Upon opening the apartment window, a bomb is set off, knocking out Catwoman. She wakes up surrounded by Two-Face's men and, after knocking out most of them, learns that Two-Face stole her loot and is held up in the museum. After taking him down, Catwoman learns he only took half the loot and gave the other half to the thugs in Arkham City. After retrieving the other half of her loot, Catwoman decides to stay in Arkham City, claiming she is having too much fun.


  • Downloading this pack allows players to free-roam as Catwoman and collect special Riddler trophies tailored specifically for her. Additionally, Catwoman becomes available as a playable character for challenge maps.